What is Reset:Breathe ?

Written by Jenene Wooldridge, (WeavEast Fellow PEI)

reset:breathe is an online wellness community that streams live or on demand fitness classes to subscribers. Our community includes various fitness options like HIIT, pilates, Yoga and weight workouts as well as nutrition sessions & challenges, cooking classes and other wellness specialists as special guests. Beyond that, reset:breathe is a positive vibes only community on a mission to empower women and men to take time for themselves, value their health and make it a priority meanwhile helping to build self-esteem and confidence. We want to cheer people on their path to being a happier, healthier and more confident version of themselves.

How did you come to this work? / What drives your interest in this work?

I have been a personal trainer, pilates instructor and coach for over 15 years but have been active my whole life. As a little girl I remember watching running races my parents were in and just feeling so inspired. I didn't know that I would do this for a living, I went to university and got a business degree but started teaching fitness classes on the side. It was my side hustle but what I loved way more than may day job.

After having my 4th child 3 years ago, I felt very overwhelmed and knew that I needed to change something. I wanted to create a business that would allow me to work from home yet keep still doing what I'm passionate about. I knew there were many other people out there, like me, who needed things to be easier so I decided to try it. Exercise for me, has always been important, but it wasn't until I became a parent that I truly understood how important it is for our mental health. If I'm stressed, if I feel overwhelmed or even if I feel tired, taking those few minutes to sweat always completely shifts my mood. My family feels that benefit and so does everyone around me. Everyone is a better version of themselves after they exercise and the positive ripple effect it has on their community often gets overlooked. It's huge. When we better ourselves, we better everyone. I love to be a small part of that driving force for people.

Who are other key partners in this work?

I have an incredible team of very positive, high vibe people. We all believe in the message that life is as good as we make it and it's up to each individual to make it the best we can. Our team all shares the same values that our health is our greatest asset and we all work to share that message with others. "If you have your health you have 1000 dreams. If you don't, you have one." Our motto.

How can other people support/get involved in this work?

I believe that there is a busyness epidemic that exists in our society today. Too many people are burning themselves out trying to be everything for everyone. I think the more we share the message to slow down, breathe, exercise, remove things from our calendar we don't need etc, the more it gives permission for others to do the same. Life is beautiful and life is meant to be enjoyed. Take a walk, have a nap, call an old friend. Create time for hygiene for the soul and encourage those around you to do the same. It's incredibly liberating.

What do you think the city, province, network or policymakers could do to better support this work?

To expand on the last answer, I would love to see more workplaces, policymakers etc, share this message. We can work hard at the really important things, but at the end of the day, that list should be small. We all have things that are really important to us and that are our absolute priorities and that is where our energy should go. The rest can go.

I would also love to see workplaces taking part in more walking meetings, or encouraging their employees to get up and move around throughout the day. The research overwhelmingly shows the positive effects even short bursts of exercise has on our brain and it automatically improves our workplace performance. Not only that, it makes us happier. A happier, more efficient workplace is an absolute win win.

How do you share stories about the progress and the work?

Social media is a vehicle I use daily. I share about my life, my family and my commitment to being healthy. My hope is that by showing I have struggles and obstacles but still make sure to commit to my health, I will inspire others to do the same. I also encourage my community members to do the same. I know not everyone likes to share on social media, and they don't have to, but I think the more living, breathing examples we have of people valuing their health, the more inspired we can make others to do the same.


What's your vision for Atlantic Canada in 10 years? What’s our biggest opportunity now?

In 10 years I would love to live in a society where people feel more peace with themselves. To dig deeper into that- I hope we live in a society where people can stop comparing themselves to others. I hope people can find inner peace by focusing on what lights them up, what gives them joy and what makes them the best version of themselves. I want people, especially our young girls, to grow up to be confident women. I want us to stop teaching our young girls that they have to be everything for everyone and that looking after your own health and well being is the key to a better community all around. Just imagine if every individual did that? The happier our people, the happier our community and the more contentment and peace is felt all around. I feel like we are currently in a society where people are living their lives at full speed and it's time to change that.