#WeavEast is born!

WEaveEast_Gathering_Windhorse_May2019 (232).JPG

Most recently, a group of 25 changemakers from across the region gathered in Nova Scotia at Windhorse Farm to connect on our shared land and to give shape to WeavEast: a collective of people across Atlantic Canada committed to creating positive social change.

Applying the principles of “Going Horizontal”, participants in this gathering lived the principles of non-hierarchical organization: building co-created agendas, using collaborative decision making processes, and grounding the work in trusted relationships that are now growing across the region.

As this collective gains momentum there will be even more ways to collaborate for social change in an unprecedented way in Atlantic Canada. Follow the progress of #WeavEast as the work of this collective creates greater access to tools, knowledge, and capacity-building for innovation and leadership from the grassroots.

Learning partners and contributors are welcome to join the movement and for more information please contact us.

WeavEast Brand Identity (Logo) Launch

The WeavEast / TissEst logo was created melding the visual of crossing warps and wefts (as in weaving), and a play on the digital hashtag. Where the brand strongly exists in the digital and social media realm, it was fitting to embrace the idea of a hashtag while communicating WeavEast / TissEst’s mission of weaving together change makers and social organizations in all four Atlantic provinces.

Designed by Lizane Tan